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Winter Winter on the Walls


This is my home and the walls do the talking here. These are few very important advices and me wishing you all a very happy winter.

2 3 4 6 7 8

Free Falling Cat

The cat is bored. I am bored.                                                                                                                                  So I tossed him all over.

But he prefers watching the fish.


A Blank in the Space

Spot Spot

Spot Spot, as its name implies, is a traditional find the difference game developed by Gilsu Kim. Same as most find the differences games, all you need to do in Spot Spot is to find the all different spots between two almost same images.


Lovers in Shade

This is what I do when I get bored during the rock concert.

I am sorry Mr. Soundguy, but you look better this way.

“Tonight, we cooked fish”

When I have a needle in my hand, a set of silver sequin, few golden ‘dabka’ and a sheer chiffon garment, this is how the series of events occurs.

1.  I didn’t mean to pick this garment from the flea market.

2.  I wasn’t aware I liked dazzling sequins.

3.  I was never meant to stitch this.

4.  I don’t know why I took this photograph.

But, it happened.

Cuz, eating fish at home is not the only thing that I had asked for.

(and it dazzled)

Left Right Left

I am Too Small For You

Said the Match Stick Man.

Sandal Story

Parted Lovers

The Happy Ending