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Signs From The Universe



say hi1say i2Climb up on a dead sofa and say HEY!


Winter Winter on the Walls


This is my home and the walls do the talking here. These are few very important advices and me wishing you all a very happy winter.

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Don’t Get Hit By a Rocket

Well, this Diwali, we decided to walk on the streets of the city and watch the fireworks. Fun.

It somewhat turned out to be a good idea. We almost got hit by a rocket. Missed me by few inches. Fun.

[Incase you are wondering what Diwali is, check here. Incase you already know, I hope that I put up more photographs later. Soon. Fun.]

Besides, wishing all, Happy Fireworks.

My Childhood Friends

Went home this summer and I found some of my old possessions.

A duck who wants to say hello.

(It lost one of its wings in an attempt to fly)

A cheetah trapped in a telephone.

(The phone is still working. This is where you reach me when I am home.)

Richie Rich who got a little richer.

(Because the trash box was always full.)

A limping Chaplin.

(Because Charlie bit his foot.)

A screaming finger puppet.

(Because the fingers grew out of his head.)

And my mother.

Man at Work

I stood there for thirty minutes and he was patiently purifying a single column of those glass panes. What should I call this? Meaningful or just another slow kind?

Or I guess it was his first day at work.

Purple Monday

My almost purple life in a sunny classroom that started with just one fact. I prefer window seats during classes even when the whole room is empty. I almost wanted to disappear.

Unedited purple self portraits straight from the photobooth. From the window to the college building.

The Home

Home is an arbitrary word for escape. Now escape can mean different things. And what exactly do you do when you are home? I prefer playing the shadow man.

Cyanide and Happiness

You see, the color burst and the clouds and the girl
Photographs and Photology
What more do you want?

With Love, You Sky

Air. Love. Sky. Color Manipulation.

Blue Stripes White Stripes

An enthusiastic beginner’s summary on Lomography and Diana Cameras

This plastic toy camera holds a capacity of 16 to 12 photographs per roll that comes in adorable square shaped frames. Beautiful and vintagy, this is Diana F+, from the Parisian Series and I am already drooling over the blue stripes.

Thank you a Friend, through which I (kind of) placed an order to get me one. I opened the comfortably sealed package for the first time, a few months back and surprise! surprise! It was a pretty white and blue striped Diana. Obsessed with stripes is me, who fell in love with it at the first sight.

What lomography is like is?
Fun light leaks. Dreamsome. Soft focus. Sweet blurry images. Love.
The history of Diana camera dates back to the 60’s as an inexpensive box camera sold by the Great Wall Plastic Factory in Hong Kong. It even disappeared from the market for a couple of years. But the lo-fi photography being appreciated by a lot of photographers due to its artistic touch, lomography(which is a now widely used term for such kind of photography) is now more than a mere trend.

Above me, are few really really really fun creatures!!

If I ever make feel like, which I really do, I would buy all of it. Decorate it in a glass box, in front of my bed and wake up everyday and feel good about it. These littletons are more than just toy cameras.




Phonytales= Footyfails.


Bunny Lava

“Little Bunny Foo Foo
I would wanna see you
Scooping up the food food
Bopping on the floor”

The Kids are Alright

One room.  Two Semi-Kids.  Fun is balloons.

Balloons are fun.

Not without the colours_

Red Blue White.   We have all Kinds.

But how does it matter?


The Kids are alright

Lovers in Shade

This is what I do when I get bored during the rock concert.

I am sorry Mr. Soundguy, but you look better this way.

All Rise, All Right.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Wink.



My nephew was born on 1/1/11, so let me start my first new year post with this! This is probably the most honest post, I’ll ever be putting up here. But why not start with this? Indeed, I am.

I can even see my perspective towards ‘kids’ in general, changing. The feeling of a new life being born, brought into this world, through different medium. One out of gazillion sperms, fought to life and a new face, a pair of beautiful little eyes and a wonderful smile. His only way of communication being his hours and hours of determined cries giving demented and sleepless nights but amazing days. When such a tiresome journey seems to shuffle around the happiness that I see on everyone’s faces, it really doesn’t matter, does it? Life is all worth it.

Little boy, I wish you life!

“Tonight, we cooked fish”

When I have a needle in my hand, a set of silver sequin, few golden ‘dabka’ and a sheer chiffon garment, this is how the series of events occurs.

1.  I didn’t mean to pick this garment from the flea market.

2.  I wasn’t aware I liked dazzling sequins.

3.  I was never meant to stitch this.

4.  I don’t know why I took this photograph.

But, it happened.

Cuz, eating fish at home is not the only thing that I had asked for.

(and it dazzled)

Eyelids and the Eyebrowser

I never saw the sun so yellow,

I thought I was dreaming.

BUT Instead I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I am Too Small For You

Said the Match Stick Man.

Sandal Story

Parted Lovers

The Happy Ending

My Studio Little

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When Alice does her hair.
And stands her skirt.
Alice floats Alice floats.