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Don’t Get Hit By a Rocket

Well, this Diwali, we decided to walk on the streets of the city and watch the fireworks. Fun.

It somewhat turned out to be a good idea. We almost got hit by a rocket. Missed me by few inches. Fun.

[Incase you are wondering what Diwali is, check here. Incase you already know, I hope that I put up more photographs later. Soon. Fun.]

Besides, wishing all, Happy Fireworks.

The Art of Looking Crossways

[Photography by me and Vibhash Sharma]

Under the Great White Eastern Clouds

Lights Obscura

With Love, You Sky

Air. Love. Sky. Color Manipulation.

Bunny Lava

“Little Bunny Foo Foo
I would wanna see you
Scooping up the food food
Bopping on the floor”

Obscure And.

And this storyless photograph.
That makes few people THINK.